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Vinayak Industries is a leading manufacturer and Exporter of all types of PVA Emulsion Plant and a Trusted Brand since 1993, based in Mumbai, India.

Countries we Export: Middle East, Africa, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, USA, Russia, Canada, UK, more...
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(Synthetic Homo Polymer and Co-Polymer)
Emulsion is the core element of any water based paint. All paints are combinations of pigments (colorant) emulsions and water. Along with three ingredients — several additives are used in small quantities. The additives perform several key functions. The additives are generally wetting agents, helping in dispersion, anti settling agent, body agent, flow and leveling additives, driers, gloss improvers and many others
Whenever we manufacture emulsion we are involved in a long process of 9 to 10 hrs where a DM/ DI (Deminerlised) water about 50% and remaining raw material Vinyl — acetate monomer about 35 to 40 9% and other chemicals such as catalyst, initiators, surfactants, wetting agent are added. The reaction temperature is about 75 to 80°. As this process is exothermic a small initial heating will helps in enhancing reaction and completion of process, in intermediate sample testing and the controlling the temperature within desired limit is essential to get excellent product
Raw Materials
  • Emulsifier
  • Monomer
  • Catalyst
  • Activators
  • Acids
  • Additives
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