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In Jacketed reactor, a jacket is welded on the shell to provide steam, thermic fluid circulation etc. This jacket can be made of Mild steel or Stainless steel as per the application of the user. The design of jacket can be of two type .i.e. Single stage or Double stage. A stiffener is welded on shell to withstand the pressure developed in the jacket and it also helps in proper distribution of steam and oil.
Reaction vessel drive is specially designed for Maintenance and Trouble Free Performance
The drive consists of Bearing Housing with TOP Tapered Roller Bearing for High Accuracy and resistance to impact load & vibratory load and tapered roller Bearing at the bottom for smooth rotation. Stuffing Box is provided with Jacket for cooling arrangement to give long life to Gland rope. Gland pusher is provided with Gunmetal Bush Bearing thus ensuring Minimized Friction giving longer life to the Gunmetal Bearing. Bearing Housing and Lenten Assembly are steel Fabricated made from M.S. Plates of suitable strength.
Reaction vessel consist of stirrer, these stirrer are of different type depending upon the application.
Anchor type stirrer, paddle type stirrer, propeller type stirrer, turbine type stirrer, gate type stirrer depending on the application of use.

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