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Vinayak Industries is a leading manufacturer and Exporter of all types of Contra Mixer and a Trusted Brand since 1993, based in Mumbai, India.

Countries we Export: Middle East, Africa, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, USA, Russia, Canada, UK, more...
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Contra Rotary Mixer is an ideal mixer for the product of high
viscosity & density. It is suitable for thorough mixing/ blending of
tooth paste, grease & other viscous compounds.
Working Principle
The mixer consists of two different blades rotating clockwise and anti-clock wise simultaneously. It consists of two different shafts, one being solid and the other hollow. The solid shaft is provided with multiple paddle blades, which rotate in clock wise direction while the hollow shaft with anchor scrapper blade assembly rotates in anti-clock wise direction. Intimate & homogeneous mixing of products is achieved by contra rotary motion of two different blades & high speed homogenizer. Vacuum jacketed mixers are provided with vacuum pump, heating arrangement etc.

Inbuilt homogenizer with mechanical seal is provided with the bottom dished end for emulsification. It is a chopper type high shear emulsifier. The high shear action creates a forced product flow. The interchangeability of chopper blades is also possible to suit the mixing requirement of various viscous products. On-line homogenizer with specially designed filter can also be provided for re-circulation of the products.
  • Uniform mixing & homogenizing of the viscous products is possible because of the contra rotary motion with homogenizer & anchor blades with scraper assembly
  • No air contamination because of vacuum operation
  • No product contamination because of the sanitary design
  • Minimum residual product loss because of anchor scraper design & suitable sized bottom outl
  • The shaft seals are mounted above the product, so there is no possibility of contamination

Salient Features
  • All contact parts-AlSI-304or 316,304L or 316L
  • Jacketed mixers are provided for heating of products during mixing
  • Provision to mix/ blend the viscous products under vacuum for de-aeration purpose
  • High shearing action because of contra rotary motion & homogenizer
  • Mechanical seal is provided instead of stuffing box for main shaft sealing for vacuum operation
  • Anchor blade assembly with adjustable Teflon scrappers is provided to avoid localized heating & ensure uniform mixing
  • Top drive & agitator assembly can be lifted & lowered by motorized as well as hydraulic operations if required
  • Smaller version of Contra Rotary Mixers is provided with lifting arrangement for the bowl instead of top drive & agitator assembly
  • Pneumatic system is also available for lifting & lowering top drive & agitator assembly for smaller version of Contra Mixer.
  • Available in STANDARD Model and GMPModels.

Capacity Available
500 to 10000 Ltrs.

Products are fully tested by our experts, to ensure high standards of quality and accuracy

A Complete after sales service is provide by our fully trained and competent engineers.